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Double Your Church Attendance Digital Edition (Download Only) 1.0.1

Double Your Church Attendance Digital Edition (Download Only) 1.0.1

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Double Your Church Attendance Digital Edition (Download Only) Publisher's Description

NEW! REVISED AND EXPANDED DELUXE DOWNLOAD-ONLY DIGITAL EDITION! Over 180 pages of brand-new and revised material, plus Bonus Resource Material from the Companion CD-Rom! Download-only Digital Edition ncludes ALL of the material contained in the expanded deluxe print edition (shipped optionally as a 3-ring binder and CD-ROM - available for additional charge.) PDF file requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or above. Other Bonus material provided as .DOC, .TXT, and .RTF files.

Perhaps you've driven by them yourself - young, vibrant new churches, massive new building projects, pews overflowing every Sunday with excited worshippers from all generations, new members flocking in the doors from all directions, budgets, pledges, and contributions increasing by leaps and bounds!

HOW do they do it?  With more and more churches on the decline, closing their doors, and laying off staff, how do these up-and-coming new churches achieve their startling spiritual renaissance?

It's really no mystery - just simple, straightforward people-oriented strategies, thoughtfully and consistently applied.  To have a successful, growing, vibrant church, it is essential to observe successful churches and congregations, and to learn from their most productive and effective methods!

In DOUBLE YOUR CHURCH ATTENDANCE - Evangelism Made Easy - author Bob Hinds has compiled from his own experience a comprehensive and winning church growth program that, when carefully applied in your own church setting, is guaranteed to attract new members, fill your church pews, and keep your Sunday attendance and membership increasing!

Written from a practical and successful Evangelistic tradition, this powerful method uses easy-to-implement, winning ideas and techniques gathered from dozens of highly successful churches, ministers, and church leaders all over the United States, easily adaptable to any church denomination or congregation, large or small, city or rural!  This is not pie-in-the-sky abstract theory - these are actual, real-world church-building techniques that WORK!

No more trial-and-error membership drives - this is a comprehensive attendance program that will fill your church pews and offering plates, and keep your attendance increasing, year after year!

These are powerful, winning ideas and strategies selected from highly successful ministers and congregations in all religious traditions, from all over the United States, and easily adaptable to ANY congregation that desires to increase its membership and attendance!

Learn to create a successful, dynamic Christ-centered church community that serves the needs of its members! Create an uplifting church experience that your congregation will enjoy and embrace, not merely endure!


Some features of this powerful program include:

  • This is a TOTAL EVANGELISTIC PROGRAM that has drastically improved church attendance in scores of churches!  It is carefully designed to not only attract new members, but to keep them coming back!  This program addresses many small, insignificant-appearing matters that are often overlooked, buth which soon add up to declining attendance and membership if not immediately corrected!

  • This program is the result of countless ideas and suggestions gained while surveying congregations and churches throughout the United States, plus the work of many of America's most successful Ministers and Evangelists.  These church leaders all have a proven record of greatly increasing church membership and attendance.

  • Unique to this system is a program of direct mailing to current and prospective members, that results in dramatic improvements to the success of other elements of the system.  It was far more effective than even several thousand dollars worth of well-placed advertising.

  • In using this combined system, the author observed two occasions in his own church of 73% and 69% increases in church attendance in LESS THAN ONE YEAR!  During one recent drive in their small church, they started with an average attendance of 181, and finished with more than 302, in less than 12 weeks!

  • Based on over 45 years of being in business and church work, observing and interviewing hundreds of church members, ministers, and church leaders, this program is a highly-effective, nearly COST-FREE program of church growth.

  • Careful application of the techniques and methods presented in this lively, informative book, written in plain language and with the lay member in mind, will enable any church to greatly improve or even DOUBLE its membership and attendance in a very short period of time!

  • Church members will do what they are led to do.  Church participation and growth must be promoted through every church activity and function; sermons, meetings, publications, activities, programs, and through one-on-one contacts.  Keep the energy high in the whole congregation!  This valuable, insightful book will show you how!

  • You owe it to yourself, and to your church, to buy a copy of this extraordinary book!  Read it thoroughly, cover to cover, and think about how you can implement it's principles in YOUR church!  Buy extra copies, and share them with other key leaders in your church - share the vision of successful church growth!


  • Evangelize and enjoy church! 

  • Achieve speedy attendance growth

  • Retain their attendance

  • Boost results from your church services

  • Implement the mechanics of a good service

  • Tips to improve your sermon presentations

  • Make the most of your Sunday School

  • Create exciting alternative worship opportunities

  • Spirit-grabbing youth programs

  • Recruit the best leadership for your church

  • Includes sample letters and mailings for your direct mail campaign

  • And much, much more!

Just read what some others have said about "Double Your Church Attendance":

"I recently had an opportunity to read your book, "Double Your Church Attendance" ... I thought it was great! I borrowed it from a friend, and am looking forward to copies of my own so that I can put these ideas to work in my own congregation. I do appreciate your work on a book that I can pick up and glean from it without having to sort through all of the "fluff".. Thank you for creating a book with such a practical approach to church growth! It is very helpful to have such knowledge condensed and put into a single volume!" -- In Christ, Grant Ray

"This is the greatest book about church growth that has ever been written in my time! Any church can double its attendance in a very short while by observing these simple plans. Every church person, whether minister, or member should read this publication, and then every church pew will be filled each Lord's Day!" -- Hannah Amyx (Hannah has been a Christian for over 70 years, and has worked with some of the most encouraging and successful ministers of our era!)

Even if you have many years of church leadership experience, you will quickly learn valuable new strategies and techniques that will re-invigoriate your church experience or ministry! 



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